Summary of Services


Each fitness program includes a complete balanced exercise routine. Suggested cardiovascular and flexibility activities along with alternative fitness and sporting activities are also included. Each program is designed to help accomplish your goals according to your current fitness level for up to three months after which updated programs are recommended.


Phone consultations are important because they allow me to personalize my coaching
relationship with you. I can answer any questions you may have about your specific
program and provide you with more fitness information. I will also discuss your fitness
goals, specific problem areas and any concerns or questions you have about health and
fitness. Fitness professionals may also utilize phone consultations for education purposes.

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Amt. of Session(s) - Time Cost/Session Total Cost
3 Sessions - 1 Week $50.00 $150
12 Sessions - 4 Weeks $45.00 $540
24 Sessions - 8 Weeks $40.00 $960
36 Sessions - 12 Weeks $37.75 $1350
48 Sessions - 16 Weeks $35.00 $1680

     *All session(s) are based on 1 hour/session (includes cardiovascular and strength training).

** Any referral (client who purchases 3 or more sessions) will be credited to original client who referred them, equivalent to 1 FREE SESSION.

FREE Gift (introductory offer) ***For any client who purchases 24 sessions-8 week program or more will receive a FREE Gift. 

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