How can one learn to become self-motivated to exercise? The answer is simple. The task is a little more difficult. Discipline is the primary ingredient. If one is disciplined in their commitment then they will be self-motivated as well. Developing discipline is exactly like building lean muscle mass. The more you exercise the discipline muscle (your brain) the stronger it will get.


If you can commit to working on the discipline area you will improve your quality of life in every domain. I will commit to providing you with the best personal training service available today. I will coach, guide and educate you to achieve the fitness goals you desire. My training methods, used by many top athletes, are proven to be the most effective and efficient training methods today.

I believe the first three months of any fitness program is the most critical period in determining our potential for success. We fail to stick with a program, because we get bored. When we get bored, we get lazy. The "same old routine" every day just doesn't get it done. That's why I truly believe a properly set up program, properly monitored, especially in the critical first three months, are key components to the success of the Cutting Edge Fitness Program.

A balanced fitness program should include cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility work and proper diet. All programs include a balance in all four areas and will include suggestions on cross-training activities as well.

I personally design each exercise program specifically for each client's personal goals, exercise history and current physical condition. Then, I incorporate FUN activities to avoid the monotony of training. Variety, as in all things, is the "Spice of Life" and if you enjoy your workouts, YOU WILL SUCCEED!

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