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Are you tired of your "Before" look? Do you want to transform yourself into an "After" look?

It's not as hard as you might think to "firm-out" and "tone-up." The secret to "shaping-up" doesn't have to be a complete lifestyle change. Instead of forcing you to rearrange your life around crunches and dieting, you can have a customized program that provides a fitness & conditioning plan around you - your daily schedule and your level of fitness.  At Cutting Edge Fitness, I promote an at-ease, modified fitness program along with healthy eating choices. This doesn't mean limiting food intake to near-starvation levels and performing an "up at dawn" workout regimen.

The key to my approach is to help you visualize your fitness and life goals and to make something happen from within. It is only after you have visualized and internalized your desires that you can commit to attaining the results you are seeking.

Not knowing where to start or which path to take should not discourage you from beginning your journey. Let me be your guide as you make the transition from "Before" to "After."

If you are ready to begin or would just like additional information on the "Cutting Edge Fitness Program," don't hesitate to contact me at (954) 777-0652 or e-mail me at Remember, health and fitness are my PASSION and the continuing education of health and fitness is my PURPOSE. Your mental and physical well-being is important to me.

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